Tales of Valor: Edward's Story

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Tales of Valor
Reflections, Advice and Lessons Learned from the Veterans of Northbridge

Throughout the month of November we have collaborated to celebrate the Veterans of Northbridge and the rich history of the amazing men and women living in our communities. Their stories of bravery, dedication and sacrifice are the markings of individuals who have truly lived well and loved life.

Edward (Resident Laurelwood at The Pinehills) as told by his daughter & Laurelwood associates

Edward served in the Army from 1961-1967 and is a decorated Army Captain who served in the Artillery, Howitzer Division stationed in Nuremberg Germany. After earning high marks on his entrance exams he was accepted into officers candidate school.
Edward received the Medal of Honor while serving his country and credits his life on the wheat farm for teaching him persistence and the military for teaching him bravery and love for his country.
Edwards daughter also shared a few stories about her dad:
My Dad grew up on a farm in Michigan and I’m not sure he had ever been to the south in his life before joining the Army and being transferred to Germany. Meanwhile my Mom grew up in Alabama and I’m pretty sure she never crossed the Mason Dixon in her life. Somehow she ended up the Party Co-Coordinator for the Officers Club at the Army Base in Nuremberg where my Dad was stationed. It was only because of the service that my Mom and Dad ever had a chance to meet.
My dad also told a story about one day when they were moving the howitzers (which were towed by large truck/tank like machines) somehow the driver did not know my Dad was still back there in between two howitzers. If my Dad had not been so skinny, or if the machines had been even a few inches closer, my Dad would probably have been killed. As it was he was literally rolled between the two machines and squeezed so tightly that he could not breathe. He said he thought he was going to die and many of the important pieces of who my Dad is became solidified:
1. To take nothing for granted.
2. To realize at any moment life could be taken away.
3. To make every single day count and be a day you can be proud of if it is your last.
Words that I still live by and hear in my Dad’s voice -even now.