In Her Words: Theresa's Story

Theresa's Story

In Her Words
Candid profiles of strength told by the women of Northbridge

Throughout the month of March we have collaborated to celebrate Women’s History Month and the rich history of the amazing women living in our communities. Their candid stories are brimming over with love, happiness, passion, family values and the markings of individuals who have truly lived well and loved life.

Theresa’s Story (Resident of Ledgewood Bay)

What is your name?

What are the names of your parents and brothers and sisters?
My parents were Anthony and Ida. My brother and sister are Frances and Joanne.

How did your parents choose your name?
I was named after both of my grandmothers. My nickname is Tre.

When and where were you born?
I was born in March 1938 in Waterford, Connecticut.

What kinds of things did your family do together when you were young?
We liked to cook, Italians love to cook-especially cookies!

What did you love to do with your friends?
We liked going dancing and playing games.

What schools did you attend? What were your favorite subjects?
Overbrook High School, I loved the secretarial classes.

If married what is/was your spouses name? How did they propose?
My husband’s name was Fred. When he proposed we were visiting and he said, “I’m going to marry you.”

What are your children’s names?
Steven, Lynne and Joanne.

What are some special memories you have about your children?
We loved spending time together. We would play games and go swimming. Sometimes we would just sit and talk about what was going on in their lives.

Where have you lived?
I have lived in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire.

Have you had jobs? Who did you work for and what did you do?
I got a job at Equitable Life Insurance and Mortgage Company while I was a senior in High School, I did secretarial work.

What are your hidden talents?
I speak some Italian.

What did you do to get through the difficult times in your life?
I went to church and prayed for guidance.

Do you have any holiday traditions? What do you do for the holidays?
At Christmas we would put up the tree and have the family over for dinner. Thanksgiving we would have the family over for dinner. As my children go older, we would take turns going to their houses.

What are some of your favorite things?
Color: Lavender
Flower: Orchids
Books: The Eisenhower biography
Songs: I’ll Be Seeing You
Foods: Spaghetti and Meatballs and Roast Beef

What are your favorite things to do now?
Reading, I love to read.

What are your favorite experiences to partake in at Ledgewood Bay?
Activities, I enjoy entertainment, resident socials and bingo. I also love visiting with my neighbors.

What do you hope for your children and grandchildren?
I hope that they get to live as good a life as I did.

What is your biggest piece of advice?
Don’t believe everything you hear and be your own best friend.

Sum your personality up in one word?

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