A Day in the Life: Business Office Director

Learning for Life

Northbridge's "A Day in the Life" series offers a unique window into the lives of the dedicated and passionate associates ensuring residents live well and love life every day. 

My Day with Kamisha took place at Seasons of Danvers in Danvers, Massachusetts and started around ten o’clock in the morning. Kamisha’s story with Northbridge started about 3 years ago and 20 miles South….

Today you can find Kamisha in her office behind the Front Desk at Seasons of Danvers. That is when she’s not visiting residents around the Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standingcommunity or pranking her fellow coworkers. She spends her days working on accounts payable and receivable, making sure all community billing is up to date, keeping the community fully staffed and managing the Front Desk. Before Kamisha was managing the Front Desk, you could find her sitting behind it as Lead Concierge at Stonebridge at Burlington, Seasons of Danvers sister community.

When Kamisha graduated from Stonehill College with a degree in Healthcare Administration and a passion for working with the senior population, she wasn’t sure what would come next.  She found herself with the choice of starting her career with Northbridge or taking a job at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  A brief conversation with Northbridge CEO, Jim Coughlin, swayed her in our direction and pushed her to accept a position at Stonebridge at Burlington.  As Lead Concierge, Kamisha worked at the Front Desk interacting with residents and assisting associates with a variety of tasks.  Most often she found herself assisting the Business Office Director and developed an interest in learning more about what the position entailed.

Kamisha’s time at Stonebridge solidified her love for working with seniors. One personal story she accounts fondly during her time at Stonebridge is with an Avita resident who used to be a pilot. Every time Avita would go out on an outing, the resident would stop at the front desk and check to see if he had mail. After noticing this, Kamisha decided that she would start leaving him mail. Knowing he was a pilot, she would find a picture of an airplane and a quote about aviation and stick her note in an envelope, seal it, and write his name on the front. Whenever he would come to the front, she would give him a letter and his face would light up every time he saw his name on it. He would then get even more excited once he opened the letter to see a plane. He started recognizing her as “his friend” whenever he would come up to the front. With his dementia, he had difficulty speaking complete sentences, however whenever Kamisha was not at the desk, the next time he would see her he would say “you weren’t there yesterday.” It always touched her heart, that he was able to recognize and communicate with her and notice when she was not there. His family also loved the letters and saved all of them!

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standingKamisha was sure she wanted to continue working with this population and started to work towards a future as a Business Office Director through Northbridge Companies “Learning for Life” program. She was able to work through Northbridges’ training program to learn the skills required to perform the job.

After successfully completing the program, Kamisha applied for an open Business Office Director role at Seasons of Danvers. With more experience and training, Kamisha was confident in her ability to take on the new role and was awarded the promotion to Business Office Director at Seasons of Danvers.

Moving to a new community and becoming a director was an adjustment for Kamisha. She went from working behind the front desk to managing it, and taking on greater responsibility when it comes to making the community run successfully. She has the unique perspective of having worked on the frontline and seeing now why certain parts of the job are necessary to make the community run smoothly. She is still working to find the balance between her past experiences and present responsibilities to perform the job to the best of her ability.


One thing that has not changed, the number one reason she loves what she does is because she loves working with the residents. When she’s not

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing and indoorbusy working on accounts payable or going through applications, she can be found throughout the community.  It could be walking the runway in an associate fashion show, leading a cooking demonstration or performing for residents in her ACAPELLA group, wherever Kamisha goes she brings an energy and vibrancy that residents thrive on.