In Her Words: Rose's Story

 Rose's Story

In Her Words
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Throughout the month of March we have collaborated to celebrate Women’s History Month and the rich history of the amazing women living in our communities. Their candid stories are brimming over with love, happiness, passion, family values and the markings of individuals who have truly lived well and loved life.

Rose's Story (resident at Avita of Wells)

What are the names of your parents and brothers and sisters?
My mother was Mary Levesque and my father was Joseph Roberge. I have one sister named Theresa Binette.

How did your parents chose your name?
My Girl Scout leaders nickname was Rosie, that’s how they chose my name!

When and where were you born?
I was born on June 3rd, 1931 in Bath, Maine.

What Kinds of things did your family do together when you were young?
My father was a carpenter and didn’t have much time to play with us kids and my mother worked in the mills when she was younger. I do remember going to Old Orchard Beach every year with my family.

What did you love to do with your friends?
I loved coloring and playing paper dolls.

What schools did you attend? What were your favorite subjects?
I attended Roosevelt School and St. Ignatius until 6th grade then went to St. Joseph’s Academy in South Berwick, Maine. I don’t have any favorite subjects that I can recall.

If married, what is/was your husband’s name? How did he propose?
I was married to Raymond Thomas Fawcett for over 60 years. Before proposing to me he propsed to my mother, to get her permision. She was never very fond of him because he was not Catholic. Raymond made all efforts to convert to Catholicism because he loved me.

What are your children’s names?
Brenda, Carol and David

What are some special memories you have of your children?
Growing up my children all wanted a baby lamb. I couldn’t find one for sale so instead I bought three sheep, one for each child to name, and brought them home in potato sacks. One of them ended up getting loose and my husband had to chase him around. It was a very funny memory.

Where have you lived?
I grew up in Bath, Maine then moved to Sanford, Maine.

Have you had jobs? Who did you work for and what did you do?
My first job was as a popcorn girl at the movie theatre. The next job I had was at Grants Department Store, a shoe shop in Kennebunk. My last job was at McLellan’s store.

What are your hidden talents?
Singing and dancing!

What did you do to get through the difficult times in your life?
Whenever I was worried I would pray.

Do you have holiday traditions? What do you do for the holidays?
I always celebrated on Christmas Day with my whole family at my house.

What are some of your favorite things?
Color: purple (I wear purple every day and my whole room is colored in purple)
Flower: snapdragon
Food: Chinese
Pet: my dog named Lady
Book: “Let it Go”

What are some personal experiences that have especially touched your heart?
I was able to help a resident here at Avita remember her room number. Watching her reaction when she finally remembered it was priceless!

What are your favorite things to do now?
I like to color and right now I love watching the Olympics.

What are your favorite experiences to partake in at Avita of Wells?
Exercising and singing in the Avita Choral Group.

What do you hope for your children and grandchildren?

What is your biggest piece of advice?
Keep smiling!

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