8 Tips to make it through a Maine Winter Storm


With locations all over New England from Plymouth, Massachusetts to Brunswick, Maine, Northbridge communities are prepared for all types of weather.  As the latest Winter storm heads toward New England our communities are preparing for anything from 6 inches of snow to freezing rain.

In Maine, Stroudwater Lodge Maintenance Director, David Tucci  is preparing his community for upwards of 6 inches of snow, here’s what that entails:

  1. Confirm shovel and ice melt at main and associate entrances.
  2. Confirm fuel for the snow blower.
  3. Confirm the generator has sufficient fuel and is in working order.
  4. Inspect flat roof sections and remove any excessive snow accumulation.
  5. Inspect all windows and confirm they are sealed and locked.
  6. Inspect community van/car (wipers, fuel, ice scraper, etc.)
  7. Coordinate associate parking to make it easier for the plow truck.
  8. Have a contingency plan for housekeeping and apartment cleaning schedules in case we are snowed in for multiple days.


Image may contain: 1 person, snow, child and outdoor Snowman making competition at Avita of Stroudwater!


Keeping our residents safe, warm and happy no matter the weather is a job that requires a lot of planning, preparation and hard work. It’s because of dedicated associates who, during any Winter storm, can be found clearing and de-icing the walkways, shoveling off the roof, whipping up happy hour snacks, and leading engaging programs that our residents are none the wiser to how frightful the weather may be outside!

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