13 Tips to prepare for a Winter Storm

Rain, Shine or Snow

Winters in New England are filled with snow, shoveling, ice, shoveling, cold, shoveling, it seems like something's missing, did we mention a lot of shoveling?


 Residents at Northbridge communities no longer worry about clearing their sidewalks and driveways, or making sure that the heat is working and the generator is set up. Our dedicated associates handle everything for them, making sure a little fun is had in the process.

As the snow is falling our associates are hard at work making sure everyone stays safe, warm, calm and happy!

Here are 13 tips Matt Stidstone, Maintenance Director at Stafford Hill, uses to prepare his community for a snow storm:


  1. Call the snow removal vendor and check in to see if they’re all set and ready to go.


  1. Place shovels and ice melt buckets at all exits.


  1. Make sure your cell phone is charged and have a charger handy.


  1. Double check that all flashlights are in working order.


  1. Pack and bring gear to work, things like boots, gloves, and a change of clothes. Matt keeps some snow shoes and extra hiking spikes in his car just in case-they have come in handy during past snowstorms.


  1. Run the generator to check that it is functioning properly.


  1. Check emergency, exterior and parking lot lighting.


  1. Ensure heating is working throughout the community paying attention to stairwell and utility room heaters.


  1. Check all open apartments for open windows and to make sure the heat is working.


  1. Have a plan for coverage with your staff.


  1. Watch the weather on TV and keep a radio on in the office. Matt watches the radar on his computer or phone to keep up on the timeline and projected snowfall amounts.


  1. Stay hydrated!


  1. Keep staff and residents calm. Ensure them everything will be okay- we are resilient and always make it through!



 Dedicated associates keep our communities running no matter the weather ensuring that our residents are cared for rain, shine or snow.

Click here for more tips on how to stay safe while dealing with a winter storm at home.

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