Finding Friendship at Autumn Glen

flo stella 2Upon spending any amount of time at Autumn Glen in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, one is bound to bump into the dynamic duo- Flo and Stella. These two ladies have an infectious nature about them, always laughing and encouraging others to join in the fun of the day. Recently, Flo and Stella cooked Rice Pudding for our whole community! Flo found this recipe in a newspaper 40 years ago and Gale Williams, our Activities Director encouraged the two to have a cooking demo in the country kitchen on one of these especially cold Winter days.

Stella explained that it took them two and a half hours to cook the four batches of rice pudding, and even made a fifth sugar-free version so all the residents could enjoy their cooking. Flo told us, “It wasn’t easy but it was fun! Everyone told us they really enjoyed it though and the men shook our hands!”

After all their hard work, the two decided they want to bake cookies for everyone next, because it will be easier to make a lot and different kinds to please their hungry crowd. Ever so thoughtful, these two ladies perused cookbooks and found a flourless peanut butter cookie recipe they want to make for Gale, who has a Gluten allergy.

If you see Flo and Stella together, you’d think they have been best friends their whole lives. Here are some quotes from them after we asked them how they became such good friends…

Stella: “She’s the best thing that happened to me here (referring to Flo). I didn’t know anyone and I was so nervous but I started talking to Flo and we know so many of the same people from our past! And we are both crazy! Just like sisters!”

Flo:     “The two of us like to be involved and have fun! We have a lot of laughs! I showed Stella some old pictures of when I first moved into Autumn Glen and one of the past residents was Stella’s best friend growing up! So we looked through all of our old photo albums and we discovered that my aunt and I worked in the same shirt factory that Stella worked in too! We worked in the same place but never knew each other!”

Our Marketing Director, Erin, who has the pleasure of seeing these two every day, admires them, “they are so positive and they really do enjoy every minute of every day. I love to see and hear them laugh, their happiness is contagious. They are a huge asset to Autumn Glen. They make others, especially new residents feel more comfortable because they are so friendly and happy.”

Flo and Stella prove that starting an everlasting friendship can be done at any age. These two truly exude our motto of ‘Live Well, Love Life’ and we are thrilled to have them as a part of our community.

If you or someone you know may be interested in the type of fun Flo and Stella get into at Autumn Glen, feel free to contact Melinda at for a tour and lunch on us –and maybe a sweet treat from these wonderful best friends.