Celebrating National Activity Professionals Week - Meet Kathy!

In celebration of National Activity Professionals Week we're spotlighting Avita of Newburyport's Activities Assistant, Kathy Kodwyck!


Tell me why you enjoy caring for our residents?

Every day at Avita of Newburyport brings a new experience. Each resident has unique life experiences who make them who they are. While challenging on occasion, every day something happens that makes me smile. Positive responses from them whether it be a smile or them stating, “thank you” following an activity or helping them with something just make my day!

What personal stories would you like to share?

I have been raised in a family that always worked with elderly or disabled and have spent my whole working life in the field. To me it is not just a job, but something that gives me personal satisfaction as well. Outside of Avita I am active in my church and participate in mission work with them as time allows me. This has been limited over the past couple of years as I also care for an elderly parent.

What do you consider as success for the residents?

A success is anything that brings comfort to a resident even if for only a few moments. One of the activities I do on a regular basis is church service on Sunday. One of the residents whom attends with me has expressive aphasia. The first time they attended church with me I was moved to tears to see her reaction. She was able recite many of the prayers and join in on singing parts of many of the hymns.

Tell me what makes Avita a special place to work.

Avita of Newburyport is not a job. Each and every person from the front office staff, kitchen staff, RCA’s to the residents are all family. Just witness the friendships that develop among the residents and how they help and encourage each other. Staff know each other and offer support to those who deal with care of elderly/disabled family members as well. Recently I attended the wake of our former residents. This was also attended by several other staff members. The family was moved to tears to see us and had nothing but praise for all the staff at Avita and the level of care and loving they received. This family along with many others have expressed to me they hope a facility such as Avita be there for them in their time of need.

Tell me one thing you want families of our residents to know about you.

I love my job. Working at Avita and being a member of your extended family is the most fulfilling job I have ever had!

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