Celebrating National Activity Professionals Week - Meet Linda!

linda_pittaPeople of Stonebridge: Linda Pitta, Activities Assistant

Tell me why you enjoy caring for our residents?

I enjoy helping when and where I can. I consider each resident as family. I treat them as I would if they were a guest in my own home. Only, I have the pleasure of being in their home.

What personal stories would you like to share?

Every resident has touched my heart. Each has their own story. Some residents come from far away (California, Florida, and the Midwest) and others from as close as a couple miles away. I enjoy each and every one of them. I almost learn something new every day.

What do you consider a success for the residents?

I can understand that upon arrival to Stonebridge, life can be overwhelming. Everything is new.. the apartment, schedules, and new faces. But, once settled in and exploring, the resident discovers that there is a lot going on. Activities throughout the day. Meal time is a great place to meet their neighbors. Outings with all kinds of interesting places to see, and knowing they are not alone.

Tell me what makes Stonebridge a special place to work?

Every morning I wake up I don’t feel like I have to go to work… I want to come to Stonebridge. This community is very friendly. Residents and staff alike. I’m spending the day with friends and some feel like family too. Residents will ask “Don’t you ever go home?” and I always tell them I love it here, it’s clean, has lots of people here and the aroma of something good and yummy is cooking. Where else would I want to be?

Tell me one thing you want families of our residents to know about you.

They all know a lot about me already, but many of them might not know I was on Family Feud 12 years ago with my family!

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