People of Northbridge - Kamisha from Stonebridge

kamishaKamisha is one of the most prominent faces of Stonebridge - she lights up the room with her smile and works to make sure anything and everything is done to ensure the residents and their families are happy. She is a pleasure to work with, and we're so happy to have her on our team in Burlington! 

Check out her Q&A below...

Tell me why you enjoy caring for our residents?

"Every resident has a story to tell, and I really enjoy learning about each resident. Also, working with seniors gives you a different perspective on what is important in life, you really learn to value your loved ones. I consider them all family."

What personal stories would you like to share?

"There are quite a few residents here that I have grown really close to. They are amazing and I’ve even joined them for a quick cocktail after my shift was over. We all had a lot of fun!"

What do you consider a success for the residents?

"If our residents are happy and comfortable where they are living and spending their years, I consider that a success."

Tell me what makes Stonebridge a special place to work.

"I love working here because everyone works as a team, and you really get to know everyone that you work with. I think it’s special to wake up every morning and be happy to go into work."

Tell me one thing you want our families of our residents to know about you.

"I love to laugh and donuts are always welcome!"

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