Meet Marcia

marciaMarcia Suddy is Northbridge Companies’ newest addition to the Home Office, as our Regional Director of Resident Care Services, and we’re thrilled to have her on our team!

They say every nurse has a story about how or why they chose to become a nurse, Marcia says she’s no different. Growing up, she remembers her mother always wanted to be a nurse. “Maybe that’s why all those nurse romance novels were around,” she jokes.

Marcia was a candy-striper at the local hospital when she was 16, and somehow always ended up on the geriatric ward. Then life and love took her down a very different path, and she followed her military husband through 19 moves, and worked in the accounting field until her second child was born. Marcia’s family had just moved back to the east coast from Utah, when her mother became terminally ill. This is where Marcia realized the power, compassion, and purposefulness of nurses, “I was able to be with my mother for four months, and in that time, had the wonderful experience of watching a nurse make a difference. She made a difference for my Mom and for my family.”

By the following spring, Marcia made the decision to start nursing school. In her forties at the time, she sat in class with all ages, from 17 to 53. Age didn’t seem to make a difference in nursing. Marcia was given the opportunity to work at the Lahey Clinic for her first nursing position on the Colon Rectal/Urology (Kidney Transplant) floor, to which she owes her professional foundation.

Marcia and her family then moved to Maine, where she would find the ‘specialty’ and passion that guides her nursing practice to this day. She started in an assisted living community as a Charge Nurse. Over the course of a little over six years, she was promoted to Director of Nursing, and participated in many projects. She worked on a yearlong pilot project granted by the RWJ Foundation developing an incident command based emergency preparedness plan for all assisted living, nursing home and home care companies in the state of Maine. She naturally took on the role of Executive Director in the absence of the facility’s ED, and ultimately earned her license as a RCAL Administrator.

Immediately before finding her home at Northbridge, Marcia spent a year at an internal medicine practice, with accomplishment of certification in anticoagulation and a yearlong course with the result of ANCC Certification in Geriatrics.

“Research told me that this was a “people oriented” company before even applying,” Marcia explains. “Northbridge supports their people who are employees, their people who are residents and the population of people who are geriatric.” For such a critical and new role in our company, the length of the process from application to hire was lengthy. Something that didn’t frustrate, but rather reaffirmed that this was a place Marcia wanted to work. “They were cautious, specific and very detailed in what they were looking for. I had to fit.”

Marcia continues, “I am so honored that they believed in me enough that I would be a good fit. Northbridge is a company that embraces the ideals and passions that grew in me as I walked my own path in geriatric care. They do believe in people, and they do support them - just as I had researched. The passion transforms into an energy that you want to be a part of what keeps this company good. What makes this company successful. What brings the integrity of this company to as many of our elder population as possible. The horizon is promising, and I’m anxious to play a positive part in the success that is Northbridge.”

We are honored to have Marcia in such a prominent role in our company, and thrilled at the feedback our communities have given to us about the guidance, knowledge, and resources Marcia provides them. With Marcia, our success improves tenfold.

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