The Life Enhancement Program at Bayberry

bayberry horsesEvery Thursday afternoon, 7 residents from Bayberry at Emerald Court, A Northbridge Community, attend the Life Enhancement Program at Strongwater Farm in Tewksbury, MA. The program is funded by a grant from Biodgen Idec in Cambridge, and was developed to study the effects of equestrian therapy on seniors living with various forms of Dementia.

To say the trainers at Strongwater Farm are incredible is an understatement. Patti, Ellie & Vicky are each so patient with animals and people alike, they’ve put together a very comfortable program. Many Bayberry residents involved in the program had never been near a horse. The trainers took steps to ease the residents into becoming familiar by introducing “Peaches,” a 21 year-old female. Even the most timid resident was thrilled to pet her. Two residents are looking forward to being able to mount a horse soon. Time will tell!

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