Healing Through Horses

SW horsesResidents at Avita of Stroudwater have just moved into their new community and already, Social Program Director, Angela Mastrella has immersed her residents in thoughtful and enriching experiences. Ten residents went along for the trip to New Gloucester, Maine, to where Healing through Horses has their ranch to experience equine therapy. This form of therapy bonds the participant with a horse, proven to connect with people in a non-judgmental manner. Through the gentle and compassionate horses, our residents have built coping skills and self-esteem, as well as improved their communication and trust with others.

With the help of our lead horse therapist, Michael, our residents had an incredibly beneficial day. One resident said the experience reminded him of his farm growing up as a kid, always being around horses. Another resident was thrilled to be so close to the horses, touching and patting them rather than viewing the horses from a distance.

All of us at Avita are excited to partner with Healing through Horses, and anticipate visiting twice a month. We strive to provide our residents with the most fulfilling daily life possible.

If Avita of Stroudwater could be the right place for someone you know, please do not hesitate to contact Lea at lea@avitaofstroudwater.com to join us for a tour of our beautiful new community and lunch on us!

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