Do Good For Life

CITC 1-1Our motto here at Northbridge is, ‘live well, love life’ and we believe that should extend to everyone, everywhere. Throughout the year we participate in various charity events, many of which are led by our fabulous financial expert, cheese connoisseur and coolest auntie ever – Erin Gowdy! Whether she’s raising money for her the Boston Marathon through Dana-Farber or recruiting Northbridge rowers for the AccesSportAmerica Mayor’s Cup Regatta, Erin is always thinking of others.

For the past three holiday seasons, Erin has involved Northbridge in one of her favorite charity events, Christmas in the City (CITC). After volunteering for 6 consecutive years at CITC, Erin draws in coworkers, friends, family with her enthusiasm for the event that really grasps the true meaning of the holidays. Erin first got involved while going to physical therapy at Jake Kennedy’s office in downtown Boston. Jake and his wife started CITC over 20 years ago by inviting 165 mothers and children from Boston homeless shelters to a holiday dinner and party at Boston City Hall. Each week at physical therapy, Erin saw the pile of donated toys grow, and all everyone at the physical therapy office could talk about was CITC –and she’s been volunteering each year since. This year, CITC was held in its usual spot –the Boston Convention Center, with over 4,000 children enjoying a warm meal, carnival rides, and of course, gifts from Santa!

Erin says her favorite part, like many of ours, is watching the kids arrive excited with big smiles on their faces. But what Erin truly loves is seeing the full impact of CITC. Being the generous person she naturally is, Erin stopped by a coffee shop early the morning of this year’s CITC to grab coffee for all her volunteers. As she paid, Erin told the woman working at the shop how she was on her way to CITC. The woman’s eyes lit up as she told Erin how she had once been homeless and her and her children had gone to the party years before. The woman now volunteers for CITC because she loved it so much, and the event had given her family the best memories.

Northbridge has had a blast the past two years volunteering at CITC under Erin’s leadership; we can’t wait until next year! We’re thrilled to work with Erin every day and look forward to the next fun and charitable event she’ll get us involved in!

For more information on Christmas in the City, visit their website.

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